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KETO1 By Vaxxen Labs Product Review

KETO1 By Vaxxen Labs Product Review

KETO1 By Vaxxen Labs Product Review

Hey, there. I’m Shawn, a health enthusiast with a not-so-perfect health past. My health has gone through ups and downs throughout the years and I’ve always wondered if there was more to health than just salads and exercise. But I recently discovered the ketogenic diet and am loving the results. Join me as I explore everything this lifestyle has to offer, while sharing its benefits with the world.


I first heard about KETO1 a few months ago from one of my workout buddies. He had been using it with impressive results and figured I would want to know about it. I’ve always been wary of keto supplements. With so many options and plenty of businesses out to just make a quick buck, I wasn’t sure if there was a genuine product out there. But I believe KETO1 is the real deal.


But to make sure I wasn’t falling for a marketing gimmick, I kept records of my experience and progress while taking KETO1. If you’re wondering if the product could be the keto supplement solution you’ve been looking for, stick around. You’ll know by the end of the review if it’s the product for you.


What is KETO1?

KETO1 is a BHB salt supplement with the added punch of caffeine. It essentially forces the liver to produce ketones, allowing your body to switch to fat for fuel instead of glucose. This puts you in the metabolic state of ketosis, even if you’re consuming carbohydrates in moderation.


This can provide you with some impressive benefits, including:


  • Fast weight loss – Because the body switches to burning fat when in ketosis, you’ll quickly and easily lose excess pounds. KETO1 works even if you’re still consuming carbohydrates but you can maximize your weight loss by eating a ketogenic diet as well.


  • Improved focus – One of the best advantages of being in ketosis is the dramatic increase in focus and concentration. The brain operates more efficiently on ketones. Ketosis erases brain fog and helps you focus on and retain information, whether it’s during a lecture, in a meeting, or while reading a book on your favorite hobby.


  • Profound energy – When you’re in ketosis, you’ll experience sustained energy throughout the day. But this doesn’t happen right away. Because KETO1 has added caffeine, you’ll get an instant burst of energy after consuming the product and then feel your energy levels improve as your body goes deeper into ketosis.


How I Used KETO1

As I briefly mentioned, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs regarding my health. I’m fortunate in that it’s never been anything serious, but I’ve never felt truly healthy. For example, I’ve always been a bit on the heavier side. I would try to cut back on the sweets and get in a little exercise but any progress I noticed quickly piled back on.

I’ve also struggled with acne. I had tried prescription topical treatments, but nothing ever completely cleared my skin.


Finally, I’ve struggled academically and professionally during all my teen and early adult years. I know I’m halfway smart, but I just couldn’t focus to save my life. I figured it was just how I was wired and never bothered looking into a solution.


But when I first heard about the ketogenic diet a few years ago, something struck a chord with me. I somehow knew that this was different, and I had to give it a try. Fast forward a few years and I’m as thin as I’ve ever been in my life, I’m enjoying healthy and clear skin, and I no longer struggle to focus or concentrate when I need to. While I don’t have a doctorate to back up my claims, here’s why I believe ketosis is the reason my health has improved.


When I have fallen off the keto bandwagon in the past, I always notice my health takes a dip. I notice my pants get a little tighter, I see red spots pop up on my face, I and suddenly find myself easily distracted for no reason. I can’t think of any other explanation than my body is out of ketosis, fueling itself with glucose instead of beneficial fat.


If you can relate to my health issues and struggles, there is hope. Ketosis has changed my life for the better and I believe it could do the same for you. The point I’m slowly getting to is that there are two main ways you can use KETO1 to transform your health. You can use it to either:


  • Consume a less strict diet while still benefiting from ketosis




  • Use it to supercharge existing ketosis


Here’s how I used KETO1. When I received my first bottle, I had just come off a weekend binge. It was my best friend’s birthday and I attended a wedding. When you’re surrounded with so much great food and friendly company, it’s hard to say no.


So, I started my KETO1 journey by pushing myself into borderline ketosis. As I continued daily servings, I cut back on my carbs and exercised a bit more. By testing for ketones, I knew I was in full ketosis within four days.


I did notice that I skipped most of the “keto flu” symptoms I would normally get when entering back into ketosis, like fatigue, irritability, and headaches. Because of the easy transition, I was already thrilled with what KETO1 had done for me.


I continued to use it on a daily basis, taking extra servings during busy days at work or before extra intense workouts. KETO1 managed my hunger and cravings so it was easy to fall back into a ketogenic diet. I never felt deprived or hungry, even on the weekends when I was hanging out with my carb-hungry friends.


Here are a few other things I did while using KETO1:


  • I took two doses a day (on most days). I always took one in the morning and if necessary, one in the late afternoon.


  • I drank a TON of water. In fact, I only drank water (except for my KETO1 servings). This will help speed up the ketosis process for you if you can do the same.


  • I ate healthy. Eventually, I took out just about all carbs from my diet. In a ketogenic diet, you should eat about 5% carbs throughout the day. I did just that. Almost all my food (about 80%) was fat-based while taking KETO1.


  • I worked out regularly. I have an office job, so I don’t do much throughout the day activity wise. I make sure to always hit the gym after work every day. I mix up my routine but I’m always there. If I knew I had a little time to stay late, I made sure to take that second serving of KETO1 for additional energy.


  • I slept better. I made it a habit to be in bed the same time every night. If you want your body to operate as healthily as possible, you have to make sleep a priority.


  • I gave it a fair chance. I didn’t write off the supplement because of previous poor experiences with comparable products. But I also didn’t rely on it to work miracles. I took every day as it came, started with a clear mind, and took everything in stride. When you’re trying a new product, the worst thing you can do is go in with an opinion about how the product works without giving it an honest shot.


My KETO1 Results

I’ve tried BHB salts in the past and my experiences were mixed. When compared to similar products, I noticed KETO1 was different in a few ways.


  • The taste was great – some supplements taste borderline offensive. There were one or two I just couldn’t get down. But KETO1 tasted great and the product mixed easily (some tend to clump). This was a huge plus.


  • Consistent energy – I’ve always experienced great energy levels when in ketosis. But sometimes, a diet mistake or extra tiring day can leave me feeling wiped. I noticed that when taking KETO1, my energy levels remained constant throughout the day. If I needed a pick-me-up, I took an additional dose and felt the difference almost immediately.


  • Curbed cravings – As I briefly mentioned, my cravings completely subsided with KETO1. While this is normal when cutting out carbs, I had never made the transition so easily before.


  • Fat loss – I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose but I did lose about 7 pounds in a couple of weeks after starting KETO1. After my weekend binge, I expected it to take at least a month to shed the extra weight so having it happen in half the time was absolutely wonderful.


  • Overall positive feeling – Maybe it was just in my head or maybe it was the KETO1, but I felt pretty amazing while taking KETO1. I was focused, determined, and incredibly positive. Overall, I just felt enthusiastic about life in a way I didn’t before. It wasn’t overbearing. Instead, it just helped me look at the positive side of life.


What You Should Know About KETO1

Still have some questions about KETO1? While its concept is like other keto supplements on the market, the differences are what make it such a high-quality product. Here’s some more info for you.


KETO1 is:


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Contains no artificial dyes


KETO1 has four active ingredients.


  • BHB – BHB, or beta hydroxybutyrate, is found naturally in the body. In fact, our bodies product BHB when glucose levels are low. But when our glucose levels are high from carbohydrates, our body stops producing BHB (or the compounds that produce it) and focus on utilizing glucose only for energy.


But when our glucose levels are low, our bodies start entering ketosis, where BHB flows freely. But if we don’t have enough BHB in our bodies, we can take it through a supplement. KETO1 is a BHB salt, which means it quickly enters the blood stream and starts influencing the liver to make ketones right away.


  • Caffeine – One thing that makes KETO1 superior to comparable products is that it includes caffeine (130 mg per serving). This gives your body the perfect jolt of energy after a carb-coma while you wait for the ketones to kick in. Many use KETO1 as the perfect pre-workout drink as it fills them with energy to dive head-first into their workout.


  • Stevia – KETO1 tastes phenomenal compared to similar supplements (which you’ll appreciate when you’re taking at least one serving every day). One reason for this is Stevia, an all-natural sweetener that’s much sweeter than regular sugar. This means KETO1 only contains a small amount but still packs plenty of flavor.


  • Katemfe Fruit Extract – Here’s the second reason KETO1 tastes so great. Katemfe fruit extract is used to sweeten and enhance the flavor of foods. It’s a unique flavor but pleasant, strong, and long-lasting.


As you can see, KETO1 is filled with pure, natural ingredients, in safe amounts and from safe sources. Vaxxen Labs is transparent about their products, and I never doubted the company or product’s integrity.


Final KETO1 Review

So, would I recommend KETO1 as a ketone supplement? For most people, yes. If you’re looking for a safe ketone supplement that tastes great, is affordable, and does what such a product is supposed to do, then you should definitely consider KETO1.


Even if you’re not the perfect ketogenic follower and still enjoy carbs here and there, KETO1 will still work for you. You might not experience a dramatic weight loss, but you’ll feel more energetic, more focused, and more in tune with your body.


If you are a religious keto follower, KETO1 is perfect for you. Drink a glass every morning to boost your ketosis, lose more weight, and get the most out of your favorite metabolic state.


Where to Get KETO1

You can purchase KETO1 from Vaxxen Labs. But I wouldn’t wait in doing so. It’s one of their top selling products and can go out of stock on occasion. While they always restock quickly, I would still order sooner than later to be safe.

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