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Increase Stamina

Increase Stamina

How Keto Is Great for Increased Stamina

If you are very physically active then you may be asking yourself if you should actually carry on eating very little carbohydrates. The truth is that those who use the keto diet do so because they want to increase their overall health and that is why that area needs to be fully explored. The keto diet is used by training professionals for a couple of different reasons. One of those reasons is because it can improve your health and it can also help you to tackle diabetes as well. If you have an neurological disorder such as epilepsy then this is great for that and you would be surprised at how much better you can feel when you simply try it for yourself.

A Breakdown

When you do start on the ketogenic diet, you will need to have a dietary breakdown. This will involve you cutting back on your carbohydrates and you will also need to have a moderate protein intake as well. If you want to be able to fill your plate when the time does come to it then you will also want to have a high fat intake, which is good for some. When you have a low carbohydrate intake, this will put you into a state of ketosis. The body will then use the energy that it has stored as its number one energy source. It’s important to know that this will happen instead of carbohydrates, for the body and even for the brain as well. Molecules known as ketones are produced as a by product during this whole process. So in standard terms, if you are able to exercise when you are on a keto diet then this means that you will be using fat for any physical activity that you do.


There are a lot of long-held beliefs out there and they all state that you need to have a very high carbohydrate intake if you want to be able to maintain a high level of physical performance. This belief actually comes from the last 100 years when you look at glycogen and the link that it has to very high intensity exercise. There are questions that relate to this entire process however and they all show that you do not need to have a high carbohydrate intake in order to start showing results from ketosis at all.

Fat Adaptation

When you have a diet that is very low in carbohydrates, you will experience fat adaptation. You may also go on to experience keto-adaptation as well. This is ultimately when your body becomes far more efficient at burning fat and ketones for fuel. The adaptation of this can be very strong and it can also have a huge impact on the level of exercise that you can do as well. Athletes who are trained to have a high level of endurance were all placed on a ketogenic diet and they did 20 months of it. During this time, they were able to burn well over double the fat when compared to those who were on a high carbohydrate diet, and this shows significantly that when you are able to utilise ketones, you can easily start to see how they can benefit you in general.



So ketosis can be great if you want to find a way to use energy when you don’t actually have any carbohydrates available. Carbohydrates do provide you with way more fuel for your body when you are able to train at much higher intensities and it can also provide you with more energy when you are training at much lower intensities as well. High endurance athletes who are able to go on a ketogenic diet are known for being able to burn up to 70% more fat when compared to those who had a normal diet and this just goes to show how useful ketosis can be.

So keeping this in mind, it is super important to know that elite athletes may in fact require way more energy when compared to what they can get from fat. That being said, a ketogenic diet can be used to try and stop you from getting tired when you exercise and it can also help you to adapt to the keto that you have going on right now. If you want to try and improve your health or if you want to make sure that you are going to carry on losing more and more fat then this is more than possible and the best of it is, you can even maintain your own glucose level at the same time. When you are able to adapt the body so that it choses to burn fat instead of energy, this can help the body to preserve glycogen and it even allows the muscles to grow during exercise as well.

Of course, with all of that being said, it’s important to know that the keto diet can be for everyone. It can be ideal if you want to strength-train and it is also great if you want to try and get a much better result out of your workout as well. If you want to find out more about how keto can help you with your stamina or if you are interested to see if there is anything that you can do to try and benefit from having keto incorporated into your diet then the only thing that you have to do is contact us today to find out more. You can contact us by phone or by email and we will do everything we can to make sure that we respond in the shortest space of time. This is one of the many benefits you get when you get in touch with our team. We can’t wait to hear from you and we are very happy to help you if you want to find out anything else or even if you want to find out how you can use keto in combination with other supplements.

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