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Protein is a big deal. The body needs it to function. The macronutrient is used to form blood cells, hormones, and other essential molecules. Protein also boosts the immune system and repairs cells. If you’re following a ketogenic diet, you might be limiting your protein intake because you’ve heard of gluconeogenesis, where the body turns excess protein into glucose. This can kick your body out of ketosis. But there’s another danger when it comes to protein - not...

Hey, there. I’m Shawn, a health enthusiast with a not-so-perfect health past. My health has gone through ups and downs throughout the years and I’ve always wondered if there was more to health than just salads and exercise. But I recently discovered the ketogenic diet and am loving the results. Join me as I explore everything this lifestyle has to offer, while sharing its benefits with the world.   I first heard about KETO1 a few months ago...